designer, architect & artist




                       , price winning architect, designer and artist (Grand Prix - Biennale InterArch 83, State Price 1976)

continues the style of Suprematism, its way of creative multidisciplinary thinking and environmental legacy after

his father and teacher, Lazar Khidekel (1904-1986).

Currently, together with Roman Khidekel, the third- generation successor, they create visionary projects

such as the Vertical Highway, Bridge-City, and recently submitted their innovative proposals of the turning

the waterfront of the Upper East Side of Manhattan  into an exciting, versatile and relaxing green zone elaborating

and returning the community multilevel access to the East River.

In parallel with the architectural projects, Mark creates series of post-Suprematist sculpture dishes,

designs of fashion, furniture, interior decoration and paintings.





Khidekel Suprematism Masterpieces Art Jewelry Collection


KHIDEKEL ArtDesign  established by Mark Khidekel and Roman Khidekel, son and grandson of Lazar Khidekel, architect and urbanist who inherited collection and copyright of Lazar Khidekel and continue to develop the artistic and philosophical features of Suprematism.

Lazar Khidekel came from the family of artisan and builder of Vitebsk, a town glorified by Chagall, his first teacher, and became one of key figures in Leningrad Avant-garde of the 1920’s.  
Through his students, and successors and heirs, Mark and Roman, Lazar Khidekel has inspired many generations to innovative thinking, environmentalism, forecasting new urbanist solutions in both St. Petersburg and New York. His legacy continues to serve humanity well in to the new century and is relevant today as never before.


 KHIDEKEL ArtDesign  unveiling the spectacular and one of a kind Suprematist  Art Jewelry Collection based on the 1920s

work of Lazar Khidekel who developed his own idioms and minimalist dynamic structures and textures within Suprematist canon that early on defined his unique style.

The Pendant and a pair of Earrings
The Pendant and a pair of Earrings

Based on 1920 work by Lazar Khidekel “Black Suprematism - Motion”


Based on 1920 work by Lazar Khidekel “Black Suprematism - Motion”


Based on 1920 work by Lazar Khidekel “Black Suprematism - Motion”

The Pendant and a pair of Earrings based on 1920 work by Lazar Khidekel  

“Black Suprematism - Motion”.

The composition adapted by Mark Khidekel in his series of Jewelry objects created in the early 1990s.